Your Friend has not done as well she/he expected to do in her/his exams.She is upset and now blames the teacher for her performance

1-To help her get over her disappointment and move forward....!

2-To help her think about ways to improve her grades in future and not to blaim others.....

Guys please provide a dialogue writing on this topic b/w 2 persons and shluld be more than 12 dialogue.....!



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Myself : hey buddy please don't be sad because you've got less marks in your exams and even please don't blame any of the teacher for that reason.
my friend ( who got less marks ) : hey it isn't my problem it's just the teacher's problem it is all her problem not mine.
myself : hey don't say that it is the teacher's problem it might be even you problem.
my friend : I don't know but I think that it is only the teachers problem. I've performed very well in the exam and I have practiced a lot for all my exams but the teacher isn't giving me good marks.
myself : I know it buddy that you've performed well and even prepared well but it might even you've not performed well and even not up to the mark. so the teacher might have not given you full marks.
my friend : umm really but I don't know how come she didn't give me full marks and even I'm disappointed because her.
myself : hey dear don't become disappointed and move forward with all the hopes then you'll really get a good marks next time.
my friend : yeah well I will work hard a lot and even get good marks next time. but this time my grades will fall down buddy I'm tensed because of that only.
my self : buddy you will need to focus more and more only your future exams just you forget about the exams in which you've got less marks and you didn't perform well.
my friend : yeah okay I'll try my level best to get good grades in my next exams and even perform well
my self : yeah okay I know you'll perform well in next exams and even your I know that capable of the good grades
my friend : yeah okay and thanks to help me out and get out of this disappointment and the struggles.
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1- I can help My Friend To get Over His/her disappointment by telling him Positive quote like "Life is like a cycle to create balance we shall move forward"
And telling him/her that paper was difficult this time,the teacher corrected in angry mood just to comfort him/her .By this he/she will feel better and i will tell him/her about great persons like Bill Gates,Walt Disney who failed at their first attempts but got success by trying and trying

2- I will give My Friend some tips to be successful like Make A Proper Time Table,Set Some Goals For A Day Try Very Hard To Achieve That Goals and then i will tell him/her to not to blame any1 by telling him that"U r blaming someone is just an Excuse For Him/Her And If Any Work Is Important To You ,You Will Find A Way But If That Work Is Not Important to u then u will just Find an Excuse thats all   

By The Above Points U Wont Need To Learn Dialogues Instead U can use this dialogues and make your own dialogue

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