digital technology and developement helps media to connect with more people. the quality of sound and images become more clear. it changes the way we think of our lives. it makes our life more and mire reliable. we can connect to people in foreign countries without extra charges. there are many more ways.Digital technology not only improve our life but also make it easy.Booms for digital world is for easy access. No waste of time. It give us a richer life.For example, Lets go back into the time - where our ancestors never felt presence of being at two pace in once. They experienced poor communication - time consuming activity to wait for response. People were limited to things.But with revolution due to this digital world, things become so easy such as -
1. Tools and Machines
2. Communications become easier 
3. Up-to-date world events
4. Travelling become easy
5. Business process is more strategical
6. Staying close to people who matter
7. Education made fun
8. Plastic and virtual money 
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uses of internet is useful for accessing about any information is useful for chatting with our friends who is far away from us
uses of television is useful for updating our knowledge would give a big company when we feel bored
uses of mobile is use to save any contacts is useful for checking correct date and time is used for making difficult calculations