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Cricket originally spread to the West Indies via the British military. Military officials established clubs, including St. Annes Garrison Club, and integrated cricket pitches into garrisons in the Caribbean. The first known reference to cricket in the West Indies is believed to be from June 1806, in the Barbados Mercury and Bridgetown Gazzette.[1] Two years later, a cricket match was held between the officers of the Royal West Indies Rangers and the officers of the Third West India Regiment. It is believed that the military was a major influencing force behind the drive to begin playing cricket porting this, there were known to be cricket pitches located in many garrisons all around the Caribbean.

Cricket represented a type of warfare between the West Indies and other nations due to the fact that West Indies players felt they needed to prove themselves as a unified nation. Because cricket was used as an instrument of colonisation, a war to free themselves from colonialism was waged, on the cricket pitch. A desire to shed "happy go lucky players" as well as to assert themselves fuelled the desire to thrive in the English game.