What u want to be u should write then write the importance of that career.
Dearest Mom and Dad,                                                            5/4/2013
                How do you do? I am fine here! Exams are fastening around my head making it difficult for me to waste a single minute! I'm sorry that I wasn't able to reply for your last letter! You know, holidays are rarer now!
               The sole purpose of this letter is to answer the questions you asked me in the last letter. I know that both of you need no formal introduction but it makes it hard for me to talk straight! I am talking about my dreams! About the dreams that I treasured in my heart like diamonds!
                 You always wanted me to become a doctor or an engineer but what India wants is not another jobless youth but someone to walk through the less taken path! I want to serve in the Indian Army. Being a potential youth, I am responsible to perform my duty enough to serve my country; but being your only son, I know both of you will stand against me! But my dream was to live my life for my country; I want to serve in the army....And I want to do something that satisfies me, not something that becomes a burden for me later. I hope my words don't hurt you....but that is my dream and my only dream!
                I will be coming home next month and I wish that you will give me a satisfactory reply in the next letter. do tell my regards to everyone please! I still loves you mom and dad! And I always will! 
with love,
your son,
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