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I guess her name could be June because she told 20 year,6 month.

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Actually this is a Hindi question, somebody translated it into English and the answer was lost from the question. 

original Question  

Ek Ladki College Jaa Rahi Thi Ladke Ne Uska Naam Pucha Ladki Ne ha boli or Javab diya:- “20year6month" Bolo Ladki Ka Naam Kyaa Hoga Challenge For YOU ......! Jawaab Is Msg Main Maujood H...Dimaag Hai Toh Jawaab Do , 1Din Ka Time Hai 

So the girl answered Neha " Ladki 'Ne ha' boli" and also said her age, so it is said she said the answer in the question itself. but when translated to English it does not make any sense. Funny to see lot of people trying to answer this question, when the question itself is not valid when translated. 

MORAL : Some jokes and riddles are valid only in their original language !!
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the answer is neha because she said ne ha and her age