It is our wish to marry or not. by the government rule above 18 years only should marriage.
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Marriage is considered as the basic strength of a society. It unites many people . It improves the relations between them. After all its hard for a social being like man and woman to live alone in this world. They need to be supported by someone else throughout their life. Because, at times in life...we find it difficult to make our next move. At times we find hard to digest the harsh reality. These facts can be resolved to an extent by a good partner. They live in good and bad times together. They are meant to cover each others back when ever they start a journey. They also protect them from falling down. So a marriage is a good factor in the social life. But just like that , marriage is also a breakdown for many. It stops us from following our instincts. Many leave behind their dreams only because their partner wants to make a good family. So in the toil to make a good family, they forget to live for their dreams. They forget to realize who they were. It's a usual sight that many actresses stops acting soon after their marriage only because their husband want them to take care of the family. Thus they are made to leave behind their career. At times, in a family we find it hard to express our thoughts and ideas fearing it might hurt others. Being with a family actually takes our identity from us. It's like we are stucked in four walls supporting each other. But we wont be caring ourselves then. Life is only one, so we should live it for our dreams. It's your choice to select whether to go with a family leaving all your dreams behind or to be alone and to explore the world making our every moment count.
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