Application of centrifugal force are-
1.Washing Machines

We are using washing machine daily. There are cloths are dried automatically. We use centrifugal force in this case. There wet cloths are moving circular path and force act on water particle in cloths and this force pull water to outer side. This water is removed from cloths and cloths are dried in this machine. Basic principle is centrifugal force acting on water.

2.Buses at corner or circular path

When we are traveling in bus and bus comes to move or at corner. There is circular path of bus. And this time there is force acting on bus and centrifugal force acting on passenger and pull passenger from center to outside due to centrifugal force. And we are moved to outer edge of bus. This force is centrifugal force.

3. Centrifuge machine and cream separation

This is classic application of centrifugal force. Centrifuge machine have electric motor and this motor connected to rod and this rod is placed to move. And this rod ends are set bottle containing milk. When this machine moves then this milk have pressure and solid part from this milk goes outside and this solid part is cream. In this way cream is separate from milk and used for other product. This is very common in our daily life. And principle is centrifugal force.