What will be the weight of an object of 5kg on the moon

Your weight on the moon is a function of the moon's gravity. First, we know that gravity is a force that attracts all physical objects towards each other (but why this happens is largely unknown!). Second, the greater the mass of an object, the stronger the force of gravity.
Mass and weight are different. Mass is the measure of how much matter an object has. Weight depends on mass and the value of gravity. The units of mass and weight are also different. In SI units1, mass is measured in kilograms (kilograms is abbreviated kg) and weight is measured in newtons. In mathematical terms,
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5kg=5kilogram not 0.8


In moon u will experience only 16.5 % of your weight in earth.
in earth if an object is 5kg in moon it will be 16.5/100 * 5=0.825 kg or 825g.
It must be 0.833 kg because on moon the body weighs 1/6 of our weight on earth