I just need your suggestions for the last moment study, IMP topics to cover, any useful website or YouTube channel, which Sample Papers or how many years of Prev. Year Qn Papers would be helpful for Boards.
Kindly give your valueable and useful suggestions guys.
And yeah tips n tricks to write in exam & how to concentrate in studies would highly be appreciated.

From which board u r studying
And yeah I came across your FB Page and this link was mentioned there for topping in Boards http://brainly.ninja/in/top-your-boards but it's not working :/
From which class



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U should solve previous question as u can solve as possible Buy last 10 year questions paper book of any publication but according to Arihant publication would be best.cbse repeats its question again and again There is given mark distribution of each chapter, revise chapter according to its marks. For eg cbse fixed that only one numerical of density will come in exam and numerical will be of only 2 marks nd along with there will come a question of defects. So give ur attention on that specific portion during revision. Cbse makes its paper very easy. I hope it will help u Best of luck for ur revision
I'm giving exam for 12th Class.
Okay. What according to you if I solve 5 Year Prev. year ques paper and lastest Sample Paper from CBSE would it enable me to gain atleast 55 out of 70 in Chem? And what about Physics and Maths?
How much marks did you get in 12th CBSE exam?