first of all aspects mean - particular feature of something.

aspects of society are as follows-

1   Foraging Societies

When human beings did not know how to dominate land and domesticate the animals, they had to live together, share work, use fresh water carefully and also migrate gregariously if anything went wrong..

2. Pastoral SocietiesIn this type of societies, approximately 12,000 years ago, people lived in a certain place and started to pasture animals for transportation and permanent food..3. Horticultural SocietiesSimilar to pastoral societies, horticultural societies first appeared 10,000 to 12,000 years ago but these societies cultivated vegetables, fruits and plants. Depletion of the land’s resources or dwindling water supplies, for instance, forced the people to leave

4.. Industrial Societies

With usage of the steam power, human beings started to use machines and advanced technologies to produce and distribute goods and services.

5.Agricultural Societies

What cause horticultural societies to extinguish, were the late agricultural inventions around the 8,000’s. With the new inventions, food supplies increased and people settled together. Population grew up rapidly, villages came up and farmers, land owners and also warriors who protect farms in exchange for food against enemies aroused firstly..

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