Brother : Hey Di ! I am playing laptop you want to play?
Sister : You have been playing it since two hours. Now switch it off.
Brother : Why??
Sister : Cause you have been consuming a lot electricity than limited.
Brother : So what I am enjoying.
Sister :May you be enjoying but your next generation can't enjoy this. Remember you have to conserve some electricity for others too.
Brother : Ok di I am keeping the laptop and I will never ever leave the lights on before I go out.
hey if laptop is charged then no electictity will use
only battery will use
just kiddind yrr
Sister== hello
bro--what are u doing?/
sis-- just listening a song on tv
bro== for how many hours???
sis--- alteast 2 hours
bro-- omg
sis---what happened/?/
bro-- u know u are wasting electricity. switch it off right now
bro-- please consume electricity for future generation
sis--okay bro.i will switch it off