Inherited traits are traits which can be passed from one generation to the other through tallness of a person Acquired traits are experiences of the life of a person cannot be passed over weight Acquired traits cannot be inherited by the progeny because they are not affecting the genes of a person.
Acquired traits:
1. these traits are the traits that are acquired by an individual during its lifetime.
2.These traits are not controlled by the genes hence they are not inherited in the next generation.
=* the child of a person who has made biceps during its lifetime will not have biceps, piercing of earings is also an acquired trait
inherited traits :1.the traits that are inherited from the parents to the offspring's are known as inherited traits .
2. these traits are controlled by thegenes.hence they are inherited in the next generation .
=*for eg. the skin color of a person, height,color of the eye,etc.
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