1 who was awarded V shantaram life time achievement award at MIFF?
2 who was the 14th  chief of army staff of indian army?
3 when is the world science celebrated?
4 which state is declared  fist digital state?
5 what is raptors mou?
7 pak singer who got the indian citizenship? 8 the coins for 2016 would bear whose pictures 9 who is sebi chairman
10 full form of DAVA 11 who is deputy chief of DCAS 12 where was neerja declared tax free 13 which govt signed with OLA
14 who got deenanath mangeshkar prize 2016 15who is FIFAs presidenmt
answers are:- 1 naresh bedi 2 K V krishna rao .3 28 feb. 4 Kerela. 5 agreement for migratory birds conservation . 6 andhra pradesh. 7
adam sami. 8 Shakespeare and beatrix potter 9. U K sinha 10.Drug Authentication and Verification Application