Here It Is -
Mr. Huxter is a general dealer who had his shop over the road from the inn at the Iping village where the invisible man puts up. He is called along with other neighbours when Mrs. Hall (the landlord's wife) is violently thrown out of the room by the Invisible Man and she suffers a swooning fit. After the villagers corner him and he surrenders, Huxter refuses to believe at first what he truly is, because it beggared belief. "Invisible eh?", he scoffs, "Who ever heard the likes of that?"He is injured later in the melee that ensues when the Invisible Man tries his escape. Later when Marvel smuggles the books of formulae, Huxter gives him chase but is tripped over by the Invisible Man. He later gives testimony for the article about the Invisible Man's escapade in St. James' Gazette that Dr. Kemp reads.
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