Indian languages are many in number, about 21 and more . there are over 600 dialects in our country. the main languages spoken in a large proportion are hindi and english. hindi is also our national language.
India is a vast country with many religions followed , castes , languages , etc. it is these small spheres that make India unique and different from other countries. India is very well known far and wide for its vernacularity. here , we speak many languages , yet the unity for the nation never dies. speaking many languages is said to increase your knowledge. Indian languages were based upon the scripts used by the people pf the olden days. the languages , that we speak now , is the modified version of what the people spoke then. the reason for these linguistic differences in India is because of the languages spoken by different castes of India during the Aryan and Dravidian periods respectively. different languages were spoken by different sections of the society and that led to the formation of many languages. since , people found it difficult to communicate with each other , without knowing one another's language , Hindi was introduced to make communication simpler , as it is now.  this , is the brief history and this is why we should be proud to have so many linguists in our vast and cultured country.
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