Firstly, good morning sir . today i want to tell you about the improving plans and facilities including our institute . in our institute first thing is that there are all the facilities which are in also their discipline but also most of them according to all the students of our institute. in our institute their is also the facility of buses which are named by the institue and for all of the students which are from villages also . in our institute there is also the big playground for all the students in which all the students can play badmintain or basketball and also football etc. also there is park in which students can sit or practise for their exams in the institute there is peace in all the classes also there all the facility for all the students as same as all not be difference in students.
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23 SEP, 2015, Sukanta Academy Govt. English Medium H/S School...........As we know education is the seed we sow in every child to make them bloom and to help in our country’s overall socio-economic development in future. With a quest we went to Sukanata Academy Govt. English Medium H/S School and met the Principal; Mrs. Sarbani Das to know her plans for improving the facilities in her institution. On our question to her she answered it straight that the basic development comes to the student and the teachers with self discipline they pertain at the school. Moreover, they provide education in a playful way so that each and every student can get out of boredom and find interest in studies more. We asked our second question that what about extra-curricular activities they perform for students at school. We find that she is way ahead with their plans. She replied, now a day’s technology has evolved at such a level that it brought a disadvantages to a student, as they are more inclined towards video games rather than outdoor games. So, keep the students engaged with outdoor games they have dedicated periods for student to play different outdoor games like Badminton, Football & Cricket. And annually they are organizing Sports day and even on some national holidays they organize, cultural events, painting completion and many more. It was a wonderful interview we had with Mrs. Sarbani Das and her vision towards providing facilities to the students to pertain quality education.

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