Find the volume , curved surface area and total surface area of a solid cylinder whose radius is 10.5 cm and height is 18cm. also find the cost of material used to make it , if the sheet of metal costs rs 40 par cm^2. JUST GIVE THE ANSWER TO 2ND PART OF THE QUESTION

so just tell me what is the tsa of it??


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V = 3.14*10.5*10.5*18
V = 
6231.33 cm²
Cost of making 1 material = 40 cm²
Cost of all material = 40 * 6231.33 = Rs. 249253.2
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Sorry.. it will be using volume only
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T.S.A of cylinder = 2πr(h+r)
Given , 
  radius = 10.5cm
  height = 18cm
So , 2π10.5(18+10.5)
 = 2 × 22/7 × 10.5 × 28.5
 = 44 × 1.5 × 28.5
 = 1881cm²
Cost per cm² = Rs.40
so, 1881 × 40 = 75240
∴cost of material used to make cylinder = Rs.75240
because the cylinder is not solid and the question itself tells to find the "metal sheet" required
volume is just the holding capacity or the space occupied
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but it is there that cylinder is a solid