Theres a asl vedio in youtube on homes and houses

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Hello friends, i'm ---------- (your name) and my topic is house and home. Now something very basic. What is a home?

A home is a place where you live with your family , we feel that it is something that belong to us. we feel comfortable and safe in our own home whereas an apartment is also a structure of home.  A house is a bigger version of home. But home is something that is yours.  there is nothing in the world that is as sweet as home. we feel love care and kindness in the air.  A home is a happy place. we love our family and they love us. Everyone in the home is cheerful, advisable and least burdensome. Everyone care for each other and do their best to make a home a happy and sweet place.

i just want to say......

East or west, HOME is the best...

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