It is the one which makes our work easy.It can be used in difficult works like cleaning drainage etc where now humans are doing.It makes one student understand the concept well.
Robotic systems are used in a number of ways such as: 

1) In manufacturing - To help make stuff, faster and with more more quality control; 
2) In processing operations - fitted with cameras to sort foods quality; 
3) In inaccessible areas - very small robots accessing places we can't go, or space exploration missions; 
4) In dangerous areas - inside nuclear reactors to check them out; 
5) In the military - to keep humans out of harms way; 
6) In medical environments - helping surgeons perform operations; 
7) To assist disabled people - with the use and control artificial limbs; 
8) To help market their products - the Honda Robot, Vacuum Robot; 
9) To find out what they are capable of doing - in universities and research organizations; 
10) In toys - Very simple robotic techniques are used in toys for children.