It is ability of a fully differentiate organisms to give rise to new individual from its body parts. For example-Hydra and Planaria. If Hydra is cut into two or more pieces grow into new and complete Hydra .This is known as regeneration.
it is diffent from reproduction as reproduction leads to the creation of new specis but it develops the broken part into fully grown individual.. the development will be not possible if any accident doesn't occur.
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When some part of the body of the organism suddenly breaks down and the broken part generate a new path with a similar to broken part this specific ailment is known as regeneration in this event small Cut parts of the animal body can regenerate to form a completely organism
This event is known as regeneration example planaria star fish.

Lizard's tail Gates regenerated at the place of Broken tail in higher organisms regeneration offer for the formation of specific organs tissue are a part of the body and it is also useful for the the reproduction process of fragmentation show climax of regeneration.

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