1)parliament is the final authority for making laws in any country.this task of law makingĀ or legislation is so crucial that these assemblies are called legislature.
2)parliaments all over the world exercise some control over those who run the some countries like India this control is direct and full.
3)parliament control all the money that governments most countries any theĀ public money can be spent only when the parliament sanctions it.
4)parliament is the highest forum of discussion and debate on public issues and national policy in any country.parliament can seek information about any matter.
Parliament has the power to issue ordinance.
It can make law on 97 subjects in Union list.
It can make law on 47 subjects on matters in concurrent list.
It can also make law on the subjects which are not present in the three of the list- Union concurrent or state list.
It can make laws on 66 subjects on matters in state list.