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1) Skull bones
2) Vertebrae of vertebral column
3) Hip joint, shoulder joint
4) Elbow , knee
5) Skull & Vertebral column
6) Wrist, ankle
7) Phalanges
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No idea, whether am i correct or not. I just gave a guess dats all.
Dont feel bad if i'm not correct :)
But di. I think u r right
Even if u r wrong. It doesnt matter
1.Skull bones are fixed joints
2.Vertebral column is cartilagnous joints
3.Knee has the ball and socket joint
4.our elbow has the hinge joint
5.Pivot joint example is the first and second vetebrae of the neck that allows the hed to moe back and front
6.our hand has the gliding joint
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I will refer dis ques: to ma teacher
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