In Nazi society women were created different from men.

• The principal role assigned to women was to become good mothers and give birth topure blooded Aryan children. They were motivated for this.

• Their main obligence was to maintain the purity of race. They were expected to lookafter their homes and teach children Nazi values.
Nazis had differentopinions about women and their strength .This idea was repeatedly told to the children during their training.

Their was a fight for equal rights for men and women.And it become a larger issue as democratic struggle.The result could be seen as the destruction of the society.

Girls were told that they had to become good mothers and rear pure blooded Aryan children.Girls had to maintain the purity of their race , they had to keep themselves away from jewish people and look after the home.

Women were asked to teach Nazi Values to the children

If women could rear pure blooded  Aryans .they were rewarded ,but if they not,they were severly punished.

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