The auto fare in a city is as follows : it has fixed cost and the rest for the distance covered .write a linear equation in two variables,if for the
distance of 10 km the cost is rs.98.write the equations for 15 km as well as 25 km .when the fares are rs.143 and rs.243 respectively

there is not enough information. Re-read the question they may have the initial price written
ok i will send u an attachment from where i have got this question
yaa, i too think the information is not enough.......
see question
So x+km*y=fare charged. That should do it.


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I think the fixed price is x. So the equation must be x+10y=98.
Similarly, x+15y=143 and x+25y=243.
I checked the values of x and y and they remain constant. But please get this checked with someone else too.
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