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a biosphere reserve is a protected area in which multiple use of land is permitted by dividing it into zones, each for a particular activity.
importance of biosphere reserve:
1. conservation: biosphere reserves conserve genetic resources, species, ecosystems and landscapes without uprooting inhabitants. rather the traditional life style and traditional resources of the local people are maintained.

2. development: sustainable economic, cultural, social and ecological developments are ensured.

3. restoration: biosphere reserve helps to rebuild any damage caused to ecosystems and habitats.

4. education and research: biosphere reserve provides a lot of scientific information for specific scientific studies and research. exchange of information on restoration, conservation and development of biosphere can be made at national and international levels.

four biosphere reserviors:

1. gulf of mannar in tamil nadu

2. sunderbans in west bengal

3. cold desert in himachal pradesh

4. manas in assam

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