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Nothing first start to love the subject  and  understand the conceept and learn to apply and analyze this can help  you to score 95%
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pls mark as brainliest
pls mark as brainliest,.........

First of All , U should get rid of exam fear ..!!
Gain more concentration ... then love the subject !! 
nd start practicing that ..!!
dont by heart it ..... u just read it and understand 
i always suggests to learn, not to read ..!!
soo learn every concept .!!
u can 100 % ... nd built self confidence ... always think that " U CAN and U WILL " 

this will help u to gain more in ur life ..!! 

self confidence and self motivation brings best in u ..!! so do it 
if u can dream it u can do it ..!!!
so start dreaming about ur talent !!

All the best ... prepare well .... present well ... manage ur time ... do it well ... 

Thank u dear frnd !!
hope i had helped u dear !!

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