14. Name the three parallel ranges of the Himalayas. Write three features of northern most range of the Himalaya.15. Name the three types of plate boundaries. Explain one characterstic of each.16. How are the peninsular rivers of India different from those of the Himalayas? Give any threepoints of distinction.17. Explain any three difficulties faced by the people in a non-democratic country.18. State any three arguments against democracy.19. Why do we call India a secular democratic republic? Explain.Please answer these questions please



Three parallel ranges of Himalaya are
a) siwalik range
b) the himachal
c) greater himalayas
The 3 parallel ranges of Himalayas are:
1.Greater Himalayas or himadri
2.lesser Himalayas
The features of the 1st range:
1.you find glaciers here
2.The seasonal cycles of accumulation of ice,movement and melting of glaciers are the sources of the perennial river.
3.This range is most continuous consisting of the highest peaks .
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