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Disposal of non-biodegradable waste is a major concern, not just plastic, a variety of waste being accumulated. There are a few ways to help non-biodegradable waste management and waste disposal methods.
Recycling: Non-biodegradable waste like glass, plastic, and metal are to be separated from other waste for recycling. 
Combustion: Waste like plastic and rubber tires can be burned at combustion facilities. These make use of the heat energy generated by the incineration process to steam or electricity; this in turn reduces the demand for non-renewable energy sources like coal and petroleum.
Landfills: Landfills are long term storage area for non-biodegradable waste. Landfill is a carefully situated area, which prevent contamination from the waste entering the area surrounding soil and water and it also helps to reduce odor and pests.

disposal of biodegradable waste:-
Disposing of waste in a landfill involves burying the waste, and this remains a common practice in most countries. Landfills were often established in abandoned or unused quarriesmining voids or borrow pits. A properly designed and well-managed landfill can be a hygienic and relatively inexpensive method of disposing of waste materials.
composed pits- 
Creating a compost pit at home requires burying kitchen or soft yard waste, such as chopped leaves or grass clippings, in a simplepit or trench. After a few weeks, earthworms and microorganisms in the soil convert the organic matter into usable material.