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Journey by night is a story of a brave boy, Sher Singh, whose father was a very brave man and was awarded the title Bahabur. The boy was also very brave like his father. He carried his younger brother,Kunwar, who was suffering from severe stomach pain to the Hospital travelling a distance of 50 miles crossing forest at night and 2 rivers(1 flooded) and finally reaches the hospital and saves the life of his younger brother.
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Norah burke short story "journey by night " is a set in a small village named laldwani and the nearby town Kalaghat is fifty miles away from the village. between the village and town there is a dense forest populated by animals like tiger, elephant,snakes like cobra etc and 2 rivers.the protagonist of the story 12 years old boy sher singh  crosses the jungle and two rivers at night alone with his sick younger brother on this back to reach the hospital at kalaghat . the story was set in india when india was under the colonial rule and most of the villages do not have medical facilities when people were ill home remedies was the only way to out . if home remedies were not suffice it means death as the hospital was so far .
this story portrays india as  it was many years back ,but more than the backwardness of india the short story was abuut the courage of the 12 years old boy and his love for his brother.
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