Old age homes in Madurai tell a sordid tale of neglect by families, the drought of care and affection faced by parents who have outlived their utility and value to their children.The irony is inescapable. People pray to be blessed with children, only to suffer callous neglect and abandonment in their twilight years.For 67-year-old S. Nagarajan, a retired manager of Meenakshi Temple here, it is the free old age home Inba Illam at Pasumalai that egged him to carry on living.“It is a rebirth for me here, this home is my asylum and I am able to forget the past,” he says choked with emotion. :(
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The oldage home of saint pauls boarding and day school is one of the most famous oldage homes in is actually for those aged person who are not mentally pratice for the annual sports day was going that tome i saw a old women sitting in front of me at a distance.she had a doll in her first i didnt understand the matter but when i told all these to my mother,she said that the lady must not have a child so she was loving the doll so much.i felt very bad for the lady.the next day i gave her a chocolate to her and was pleased to see her smile.