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Points- 1st para- we all love a world where people are healthy and carefree. We most certainly don't want one full of junk food addicts. Junk food may sound as an attractive option in the present day scenario, owing to our fast paced lives in which we barely have time to cook something for ourselves,leave cooking for our family or companion. Junk food is highly accessible.want a coffee?buy it from the nearest Starbucks. No time to cook dinner?ring up mcdonalds and the will deliver it,pronto. We don't have to budge. Junk food is barely a call away. And the taste? We all have a craving for this cheap source of food. But all of us fail to think of the adverse effects junk food can have on our body. More children have obesity now. Heart and cancer diseases are on the rise. We hear tragic stories of people dying due to mental and weight related problems. Why does all this happen now? How come our grandparents never had problems like this? The culprit is junk food.many of us fail to see that this easy solution to our food problems is slowly turning traitor. Junk food is addictive. Moreover , the addition of too much salt and condiments in the excuse to make it tastier makes the food more dangerous.junk food affect our mentAl as well as our physical health. Vegetables that are home grown and tasty food we can make with the things around us is a healthy choice. We never know what can happen with us eating junk food . Do you desire to live in a healthy world or in one filled with illness? The choice is yours. (Just elaborate on these points)