An electrician has to repair an electric fault on a pole of height 5m.She needs to reach a point 1.3m
below the top of the pole to undertake the repair work. What should be the length of the ladder that
she should use which, when inclined at an angle of 60° to the horizontal, would enable her to reach
the required position? Also how far from the foot of the pole should she place the foot of the



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Let the distance of the foot of the pole from the foot of the ladder be x
rest height of pole = 5-1.3 = 3.7 m
°= 3.7/x =√3 = 1.732
⇒x = 3.7/1.732 = 2.13 m
Let the length of ladder be L
sin60° = 3.7/L
⇒L = 3.7/sin60° = (3.7×2)/√3 = 4.27 m
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