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1/0 is not taken as infinity but is undefined .But many a times we take 1/0 as infinity also because if we say,
20/2= 10,
If we observe this pattern, as the divisor becomes less, the quotient increases and now if we take the least value of divisor , the quotient will be of max value i.e. infinity.
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This is not possible because division by zero is undefined we can cut zero from both sides
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When something is divided by 0 it is taken as infinity because 0 has no value.
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If want to prove 1=2. I will multiply 0 on both the sides. So i will get 0=0. Hence proved 1=2. So, you cannot multiply 0 on both sides of equation to get any result. To prove LHS=RHS problems would be pretty easy if we can do so right? That is why, infinity multiplied by 0 is not 1.