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Books impart knowledge.they are always there with us.we face them in the school ,tuitions and even in our own tiny library.they are very essntial for is in order to become a successful person.we are imparted educatoon to earn living by doing jods in various fields.they hel0 us to walk up the different levels of our life.we deals with books from the time of our birth till the time of our death.we stusy alphabet books when we are small and then a little high standard books and finally very high standard books.after we pass class 12 ,we gao to the collage and there also we have to deal with vague books.apart from scholl books ee read story books as well as books which gives us knowledge about the recent world.we we finish all our school ,collages ,we then read our favourite books to pass our time.the aged people prefer reasing peaceful story as a fact books is our best frind as they live with us until we die.
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