If you have mentioned the word big bang in your question , then indeed the answer is nothing.'Nothing' existed before the big bang not even light. Because big bang is the start of the universe, there was no matter or anti matter present. First, there was big bang which created matter, then was formed hydrogen which made up the stars before which the whole universe was filled with hydrogen.Then gradually all other elements were formed.
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i want to know the true.....if universw has no begin then how was the universw happen?
Oh my god ! There are two theories
One is big bang which says that universe has started
And other is steady state theory which says that universe has neither end nor any start
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Scientists are also searching for an answer to this question.But, as far as our Big bang theory is concerned, there was actually nothing before big bang.We say everything came after Big bang so its obivious that there was 'nothing' before that.It literally means that we came from nothingness and we are there because of a little disturbance that gave rise to big bang and boom! we are here!
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