Children must work in order to feed their families and themselves. Their parents do not have the privilege of earning enough money to survive, because their countries suffer from economic depression.To these children, survival is more important than education. They sacrifice their education to help out their families. There is not much to be done until their economy picks up and improves.The work maybe unwanted, but it is mandatory for survival.The parents should be taking care of their children enough so the children do not have to work.Children should be free to do what they will until adulthood, when they fend for themselves. They should not be forced to take on a mature role at suchWhen it is not slave labor, the children are paid much less and are expected to work as hard as the other workers.In some cases, children are assigned into unsafe or unhygienic situations that are dangerous.Child labor is unwanted by the children, since it takes away from their childhood. a young age.The children work so that they can support their families. All members work so that they can have enough to survive.Without this source of income, they may not be able to live.