We all are human beimgs and we all have some or the other dreams which we wanted to be fulfilled.these thoughts may not math with the others but are very important for the person whose the thoughts belong.we all work hard to fulfill our is not neccessary that all dreams will come true but those dreams which are possible to be fulfilled ,we should always try our best on these fields..the hopes can be any thing .now it is our duty to think positive.we may hope of being an artist then we must start working hard from a very early age.the womens in this world see many dreams but a very few is fulfilled.we shoupd let every one in the world make their own thouts come true.
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This above all;
             " the thine own self be true "
                                 -william shakesphere
it is amazing how many of us are true to ourselves. some of allow others to define who we are as people . some of us do not accept  ourselves  and try to act differently.some of do not love ourselves. this quotes is correct which tell us that we should love ,know ourselves as human beings.
the first thing shakesphere was trying to tell us that to not let  others shape our personalities.\
second thing he saying is to accept ourselves.
last he said that when u love ur self  u do not want to be anyone but u.
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