Newspapers have a very important place in our life.Reading of newspapers has become a habit for most of the people.A good newspaper is useful for everyone.They have a greater value for all,especially in a democracy.They keep us well-informed.They increase our general knowledge.They tell us what is happening around us.They are the world's mirrors.                                                                Newspapers let us know about our rights.It caters to the tastes of all kinds of people.A newspaper gives us latest news about the national and international events.It has different pages for businessmen,sports lovers,women,children,etc.For businessmen,there are advertisements.The unemployed people can look for vacancies.There is a sports page for the lovers of sports.There are matrimonial columns for the unmarried people.                                                                A good newspaper is a watch dog of democracy.It mirrors the status of society.A good newspaper is a source of entertainment also for all.They educate us against social evils.Thus,they help in reforming society.Its Sunday edition has articles and stories.These are useful for all.So we must develop the habit of reading newspapers to know what is happening around us.Nowadays students are so busy or rather we should say that they seems to be busy but they should devote some of their time in reading newspapers as it is benefitial for them only.                                                                                                          THANK U
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