All questions from poem "Still I Rise" written by Maya - 1) The writer addresses ‘You’ several times in the poem. Who is meant by ‘You’, and how can we tell?’ 2) ‘I’ve got oil wells,’ ‘I’ve got gold mines,’ ‘I’ve got diamonds.’ What is the effect of repetition here and the particular images used? 3) In some of the other similes the speaker compares herself to moons, suns and other natural phenomena. What do you think she means to convey by such images? 4) What do you understand by ‘the huts of history’s shame’? 5) What are the inherited ‘gifts’ that the writer brings with her? 6) ‘I rise’ is repeated several times. What does these words convey? 7) The poet makes use of questions as a device. What is the impact of these questions? 8) It is hard to miss the energy of this poem. What devices of language contribute to this impression of energy? 9) What do you like about the poem? Discuss.



1. anglou refers to the whites who are not really happy and comfortable seeing the blacks rise.

2.the comparison of herself to oil wells, gold and diamonds shows her value as a person she is acknowledging how valuable she is as a person and how she has learned to value herself as well

3. by such images she tries to convey that how natural it is to rise from the injustices and difficulties of life of people choose to keep fighting. nature's certainty bring hopes to the people who are oppressed.

4. the word and the shame conjure at the discomforting sense of pitiable existence of the blacks while the word 'history' makes this feeling even more poignant suggesting that their sufferings continued for over a long period of time.

5. because of the sacrifices of what others before her had to endure, anglou becomes self actualized by their hopes and dreams of her. she will not let others keep her broken and with bowed head. instead, she will rise again and again like her ancestors have always done despite and hardships of racism and prejudice.

6. the repetition is emphasizing"i rise". therfore, giving the reader the importance of standing up again and trying over and over. as how much hope and confidence she has despite the hardships.

7. the following five questions shows the poet's agony towards the whites. it sounds like the poet is asking if whites are jealous of her or not. the questions adds more emotions in each stanza. it adds more effect.

hope this has helped you.
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