Once there lived a farmer with his gready wife. Once when he went to his land , and started to plough through the sand. Suddenly he got a gloden box , he removed it and brought up to his home .His wife was waiting for him in the house . She became happy by seeing that his husband is coming with a golden box. She ran to him and asked, " wat is inside this box. Is it a golden box". They opened the box and saw a lot of food inside it. She said to her friends proudly that is has got a gloden box . When all the friends of her came to wat is inside , she gave a surprise meal for all of them. She thought that the food was tasty , but wen all of them ate, it was all stones. She thougth a lesson that all glitters are not gold
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good imagination and creative skills

All that glitters is not gold.

This saying from Shakespeare means that an object should not be valued for its external characteristic like glitter. But it should be valued for its internal nature. The statements likeā€¦

All are not saints that go to church.

Appearances may be deceiving.

Also mean the same thing as this saying. This proverb is mainly due to the thing called fools gold which is a compound of silver but also glitters.

Due its glitter many people mistook it for gold. But on closer examination it was found that it was not real gold. Similarly a person may talk and appear to be good person but on closer examination we will learn that he is not a good person and he is only pretending to be good.

We live in a world where outward appearances are given more importance than the real character. Shops are decorated to showcase their things and even useless things are packed and wrapped attractively. Diamonds and glass look nearly alike. But diamonds are more rare and harder than glass. So the outward appearances should always be checked with the internal character of a substance.