Use walk or bicycles for near distance
reduce usage of refrigirators
turn off lights and fans when not in use

LPG or petroleum gas is used as a fuel for home and industry.Petrol is used as a motor fuel, aviation fuel and a solvent for dry cleaning.Kerosene is used as a fuel for stoves and lamps and also in jet aircraft.Diesel is used as a fuel for heavy motor vehicles and electric generators.Lubricating oil is used for many lubricating purposes.Paraffin wax is used in ointments, candles and Vaseline.Bitumen is used in paints and also to surface roads.Petrochemicals are used in the manufacture of detergents, polyester and nylon fibres, polythene and other man-made plastics.Judicious use of  fossil fuels:Use public transport.Combine many errands into one trip.Car pooling to school and work.Do not waste fossil fuelsAdopt renewable energies like wind ,solar energies.Use biogas as domestic fuel instead of LPG