Rural Social Structure: every society has certain units. It is these units that form the social set up or social structure. These units are inter-related and through their study, it is possible to study the behavior patterns of the society. This is true of the Indian society, particularly the Indian Rural Society.

In Indian Rural Society, different villages are the units and they have geographical, moral and other types of structures. Their behavior pattern, there believes ideas, faiths etc. are also different from one another. For the proper study of the Indian Rural Society, the units that from the social structure have to be studied.

Units of Rural Social Structure: we have just now seen that the villages form the units of the Rural Society. These villages have their own structure. The structure formed out of the following units:-

1) Family 2) Caste System 3) Internal Organisation 4) Religion 5) Economic System.

If scientific and proper study of the Indian social structure is to be made, these units have to be studied in detail. Let us taken them up one by one.

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