Before seeds can become new plants, they have to leave the parent plant. If they fell straight from the parent plant to the ground, they wouldn't be able to grow well because the parent plant would take all of the nutrients. All of the new plants would fight for the remaining nutrients, leaving them stunted and weak. Therefore, plants have developed methods of dispersing their seeds to ensure the future generations of plants spread out and prosper.
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Even those who say they don’t know the first thing about trees are likely to appreciate the fact that giant trees emerge from tiny seeds. Really, what sort of grump doesn’t smile at the image of a tree growing from a seed? It’s certainly a worthy inspiration, but it’s not the only miracle. Indeed, before there can be any trees growing from seeds, there must be seeds growing on trees. And if you consider everything that has to go right for a tree to make even one seed, let alone hundreds of thousands of them at a clip, you’ll be even more impressed.