Complete these sentences with phrases or clauses as indicated in the brackets.

1. Mithu has a shoe _____________ (clause).

2. _____________ rajni stopped at Mr.Kumar's shop to give him the good news. (phrase)

3. I showed her the house ____________ (clause)

4. they returned _____________(phrase)

5. we cannot go out _____________(clause)

6. _______________ we are playing the chennai team. (phrase)

7. ____________ his mother gave him some fruit to eat. (clause)

8. I will meet you ______________ (phrase)

9. the sun rises _______________(phtases)

10. I don't know _____________(clause).

what clause in his mother gave him some fruit to eat


The Brainliest Answer!
1) which is red in color
2) while coming back from the grocery store
3) where I lived before
4) her the ball which they had snatched from her hands earlier
5) since, it is dark and unsafe
6) we told our opponents that
7) He was hungry so
8) tomorrow at school
9) from the east and sets towards the west
10) how to dance
11 4 11