Carbon has got atomic number 6. so its electronic configuration will 2 , 4. so it contains 4 electrons in its outermost orbit, we know that there should be 8 electrons to complete the octet and make the element stable, so carbon can either gain 4 electrons or lose 4 electrons to become stable, but both requires very high amount of energy.

so it goes for sharing of electrons. it has the special property of catenation, ie carbon-carbon long chain formation. no other element has such property, so carbon itself has forms such high number of compounds which not even formed by rest all elements it is verstile
The word versatile means having great variety and diversity
Carbon is a very friendly element.The number of carbon atoms is very vast now.This is due to TETRAVALENCY and CATENATION
TETRAVALENCY is the phenomenon in which its four valency shares more elements towards carbon
CATENATION it is the property of selfllinking .It is a unique property in carbon