Rainy season is from july to september.
rainy season comes after the hot,humid summer.
in hindi month it falls in shawan.
this is the season liked by all.
we celebrate many festivals in this period of time.
in this season,the grasses becomes green, new leaves comes to the tree and there is greenery everywhere .
lord indra,said to be the lord of rain is prayed by the farmers for wellness and good rain.
natural resources like rivers,lakes etc. get filled with fresh water.
in this season,there us mud and water all around.
children plays with mud and splash water on each other.
rainy season is my favorite season.
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1. Rainy season comes after Summer season. 2. It is also known as Wet Season. 3. Rainy season falls in the month of July. 4. The environment becomes clean, clear and cool because of rain water and fresh air. 5. Many people collect rain water for future use. 6. In rainy season, plants become attractive because of the greenery all around. 7. It is my favourite season. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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