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FIFA 2014 was played in the South American country Brazil during June-July 2014. It is the world's football championship event held every 4 years.  There were 32 countries participating in the finals of the event. 32 countries were qualified and were classified into 8 groups of 4 teams each. They played against one another against every other country in the group. From this league stage, 16 teams entered the prequarter final stage. There were knock-out games there after. The games were played at Rio, Brasilla, Sao Paulo and 9 other venues.

In the final game Germany defeated Argentina by 1 goal to = nil. The prize money was $ 576 million.

For the first time in a football world cup final stage, goal line technology was used. By using fast cameras at the goal post line, it was decided whether the football crossed the line or not and whether it was actually a goal.
Also, vanishing cream was used for free kicks to mark the closest line where the players of the defending team could stand near the player taking a free kick.
The current title holders of world cup 2010, Spain were eliminated at the group stage itself. Brazil received about 1 million sports lovers to watch this game form the world.  Brazilians cried their heart out when their team was losing in the semifinals.
Rodriguez was awarded golden boot for his maximum number of goals. Golden ball was awarded to Lionel messi, the captain of Argentinian team.

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In 2014 Brazil will host one of the most important competitions for the sports. It is the FIFA world cup. It will be the 20th official FIFA world cup and it will happen between June 12 and July 13 of 2014. The winter will not stop everybody to have a good time because the temperatures during winter time in Brazil usually do not go below 45 degrees.

Brazil will be host the competition for the second time. The first time was in 1950 right after the World War 2. The two world cup before this one got canceled because of the war. In 1950 the final was Brazil vs. Uruguay. Uruguay beat brazil 2 to 1 and received the title. 

Seventeen cities showed interest in being chosen as world cup host cities, but usually FIFA only approves 8 to 10 cities so they ended up choosing 12 cities in 12 different states. The final game will happen in Rio de Janeiro at Macarana stadium. And the opening ceremony was supposed to happen at Sao Paulo’s futbol club stadium but technical problems won’t allow it so a brand new stadium will be build just for the world cup.
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