THIS IS BECAUSE THE TRAIT IN RESSESIVE , i.e it is a trait that cannot express it self in presence of dominant trait. for eg when a tall & dwarf pea plant are cross polinated their next gen will all be tall but the are high breed of tall 7 dwarf, when this gen is self polinated the the next gen formed will have tall & short ratio 3:1 . from this we can understand tha in f1 gen the dwarf trait was there but cant expess it
Mendel crossed tall pea plants with short pea plants.
(Explain Mendel's mono hhybrid cross.)
Mendel's Observation : F1 generation all contained tall plants.when F1 underwent self pollination, the tait that was unexpressed in F1( dwarfness) was observed in some F2 progeny. Thus, both trairs, tallness and dwarfness, were expressed in F2 generation in the ratio 3:1.
The experiment indicates that although both the traits of tallness and shortness were inherited in F1 plants, only te tallness trait was expressed. This shows that traits may not show up in an individual but are passed on to the next generation.
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