The evolution of eyes have always been a dilemma for evolutionists from darwins time to the present or more seprate eyes in some ways is more complex than the human eye.
The insect and the octopus are two types of animals that have evolved sophisticated eyes. As in all animal groups, there is not just one refined eye structure found in all species in the group. Instead, insect eyes vary in their abilities to resolve images, just as do the eyes of different species cephalopods, the larger group to which octopus belong. There are insects with no eyes, insects with minimal eyes, deep water octopods with no eyes, and the Nautilus, an octopus relative, has eyes that completely lack a lens. As to which eye is more sophisticated, a highly refined insect eye or octopus eye, this is a bit like comparing a good orange with a good apple. As an examination of their biology reveals, both eyes perform impressive feats of imaging, but with very different eye structures, that yield very different biological results.
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