Cereal is a grass which is included in the Poacae family. It is cultivated for grains and other stuffs.
eg: grains etc.
Pulses are crops which are cultivated anually. They are added for taste to food.
Spices are crops cultivated in places like India, which is added additionally to cooked food.
eg: turmeric etc.

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Cereals are grains which are edible. They are consumed by humans,animals,etc.
Example: Maize, wheat, etc.
Pulses are obtained from leguminous plants which have a high protein value.
Example: Dal, beans ,etc.
Spices are edible substances obtained from various parts of plant after processing them.They are used to provide flavour,color & provide good smell to the food.
Example : Saffron( obtained from dried stigma of flowers),etc.